Alta® BoxCrate

Ships Like A Box... Performs Like A Crate

Lightweight Cardboard Shipping Crates For Lower Costs

Our latest idea from is a simple, easy to assemble shipping crate! 

Open Alta Crate

The original shipping container was a wooden crate, you had to cut all the wood to a size just a bit bigger than what you were shipping and then nail it to assemble…sometimes this process took hours to complete…this eventually evolved into a cardboard box which could be premade to standard sizes.  Now you had to conform to what the box company made and somehow have this fit your needs.  If your volume were large enough, or you purchased your own die, you could have your “perfect size” to meet your needs.  This was a good idea for a while but what do you do when you have that special custom shipment for your customers?  It has to be strong, lightweight to save on shipping costs and just the right fit…welcome Alta® BoxCrate!!!  Alta® BoxCrate is made from a lightweight, strong cardboard that is able to withstand extreme stacking weights so it will not crush during shipments.  It comes in a variety of sizes to meet your specific needs and has incredible structural integrity to make sure that special delivery arrives intact!

Alta Crate Family

Alta® BoxCrate is extremely lightweight, weighing 1/3 of the weight of wood!!!   

Alta Crate Brochure Cover

Able to withstand extreme weight…3,000 lbs.

Strong as a Crate, Light as a Box

How to Assemble Cardboard Shipping Crates

Easy to assemble with pre-assembled panels that allow for fast assembly!

Pre-Assembled Alta Crate