Alta®Shipping Crates – Heavy Duty Cardboard Crates

Ships like a box. Performs like a crate.

Lightweight Cardboard Shipping Crates for Lower Costs, Better Protection

Alta® Shipping Crates are strong — like cardboard lumber, but significantly lighter. Replace lumber with Alta® materials, which you can assemble yourself quickly and easily into lightweight shipping boxes or cardboard shipping crates.

pop up. fold. tape.

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costs less than wood
performs like performs like
saves on shipping
performs like performs like
reduces damage
performs like performs like
big savings

Benefit of Alta® Cardboard Shipping Crates

  • Alta® Crate is extremely lightweight, weighing one-third the weight of wood! Reduce your outbound shipping costs without sacrificing packaging integrity.
  • Able to withstand extreme weight — up to 3,000 lbs.
  • Save on storage space. Pre-assembled shipping crates are space hogs. Put your valuable storage space to better use; put off a facility expansion or the need to lease space elsewhere.
  • Easy assembly. See the video below to see just how easy Alta® cardboard lumber sets up. Much easier to work with than lumber!
  • Any size container at your fingertips. Alta® cardboard lumber is shipped to you in a kit, with everything you need to construct cardboard shipping boxes or cardboard shipping crates in any size you need. Ideal for repair and refurbishing departments, heavy items, expensive items and irregularly shaped items.

Stack them up to the roof !

Stack them up to the roof !


Use your crate over and over.


• Easily recyclable
• More eco-friendly than plastic
• Paper-based
reusable Recyclable

Lighter than wood

1/3 the weight of real wood.
Lighter than wood

Cardboard Shipping Boxes: From Do-It-The-Hard-Way to Alta® Crate

The original shipping container was a wooden crate. You had to cut all the wood to a size just a bit bigger than what you were shipping and then nail the pieces together, a process that could take hours.

When cardboard crates and cardboard packaging boxes came on the scene, you had to conform to what the box company made and somehow have this fit your needs. If your volume was large enough, or you purchased your own die, you could have the “perfect size” to meet your needs. Furthermore, preassembled shipping crates were costly to ship into your facility and occupied lots of precious space.

Still, ordering preassembled shipping crates and boxes was a good idea — but what do you do when you have that special custom shipment for your customers? The packaging has to be strong and lightweight to save on shipping costs, and just the right fit. Alta®Crate is the solution.

Alta®Crate is made from a lightweight, strong cardboard able to withstand extreme stacking weights so it will not crush during shipments. It comes in a variety of sizes to meet your specific needs, and has incredible structural integrity to make sure that special delivery arrives intact!

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