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Back to school – cardboard shipping tubes to store school supplies

on 08/20/2015

The back to school rush will soon be in effect and that means pencils, crayons, and other supplies take over your house and office. There’s nothing worse than being disorganized before the school year begins. Cardboard mailing tubes can be a creative and effective way to store school supplies. Here are 5 great ways to use cardboard tubes for storing pencils, pens, markers and other supplies you need for back to school.

Shipping tubes is where the art is
shipping tubes are where the art is

Via Creative Flourishes

If you are lucky enough to be extremely organized and want to sort color pencils, markers, and crayons by color, using cardboard tubes is the perfect solution for you. Decorate them with your own style using wrapping paper or newspaper for added touch.

Shipping tube art and supply storage
cardboars shipping tubes hung on the wall

Via Oddee

If you’re a little more liberal with your organizational skills, using cardboard tubes you have readily available is also a great solution. Hang your tubes of all sizes to the wall creating wall art that couples as storage for all of your art and school supplies.

Cardboard shipping tube backpack
kids backpack made from cardboard shipping tube

Via Nannies Heartland

For a new twist on transporting school supplies, create a one of a kind carrying case from a large cardboard shipping tube. A cardboard tube carrying case will not only store school supplies neatly, it’s durable enough to keep everything safe. Decorate it with your kids favorite colors, characters and stickers and add a over the shoulder strap from colored duct tape. Once the school year is over, use the cardboard tube as storage for artwork throughout the year.

Shipping tube pencil cases
pencil case made from cardboard shipping tube

Via iKat Bag

This is a great project for the whole family. Use cardboard shipping tubes to create jumbo pencils filled with school supplies. A great gift idea for teachers and students on the first day of school.

Cardboard office supplies organizer
office supplies organizer made from cardboard shipping tubes

Via Wonderful DIY

With a little extra time and creativity, you can turn cardboard tubes into a multi-functional desk organizer for school supplies. Have the kids help to show them how to recycle items to be used for something else.

Need to stock up on cardboard shipping tubes for back to school? Erdie has a wide selection of shipping and mailing tubes to keep you and your kids organized for the entire school year. Choose from a variety of sizes to fit your needs and are durable enough to store your most important school supplies.

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