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Halloween Cardboard Mailing Tube Craft Ideas for Kids

on 10/15/2015
Halloween is quickly approaching which means enlisting the kiddos to create crafts is a good way to keep them busy and decorate if you’re in a pinch. Cardboard mailing tubes are perfect for Halloween and there are endless ways to use them.

Mummy tube

What you’ll need:

Cardboard tube
Toilet paper
Googly eyes
These mummy crafts are so simple that even that kids of all ages can help with these. They’re really cute too and are perfect for hanging from the ceiling.

Tube spider

spider Halloween craft made from cardboard tubes
Via Creative Family Fun

What you’ll need:

Cardboard tubes
Googly eyes
Black paint
Black pipe cleaners
These creepy crawlers are the perfect Halloween craft for the kids to add their creative touch to. Use the pipe cleaners to make your spider crawl, attach to doorways or hang from the ceiling.

Halloween candy holder

Halloween candy holders made from cardboard tubes
Via Quirky Inspired

What you’ll need:

Cardboard tubes
Black craft paint
Other decorative supplies (optional)
These candy holders are perfect to give as Halloween gifts or even for trick or treaters. Personalize them for parties and fill them with goodies.

Toilet paper tube pumpkins

Halloween pumpkin cardboard crafts
Via Craft Morning

What you’ll need:

Toilet paper roll
Orange, brown, and green paint
Easy and quick to make, these toilet paper pumpkin art can be framed for Halloween decorations and kept as keepsakes from your children’s artistic past.

Scary eyes

Scary Halloween ideas made from cardboard mailing tubes
Via DIY & Crafts

What you’ll need:

Cardboard tube
Various colors of glow in the dark sticks
This is one of the cheapest crafts/decorations that your kids will love to do. Stick them in the bushes and watch them light up at night.

There are so many ways to use cardboard tubes to create crafts to decorate with. Check out our article on using cardboard tubes for Halloween costumes to get more ideas for the upcoming holiday.

Stock up on cardboard mailing tubes and turn them into creative Halloween crafts for the kiddos. Erdie has a selection of tube sizes to fit your craft needs.

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