Poster Roll-Up Machine

Poster Roll-Up Machine

Reduce Labor and Improve Quality With The Poster Roll Up Machine

Make the Tedious Job of Manual Rolling Disappear

What could be more tedious than rolling papers and inserting them in a mailing tube? The Poster Roll Up Machine not only speeds up the job, it eliminates wrinkles and creases so your item arrives in perfect condition.

6 to 10 Times Faster Than Manual Rolling!

Heavy-duty and built for high-volume applications, the machine works perfectly for one-page calendars, wall hangings, blueprints and other printed material. It can roll up to eight items per minute, and rolls tight enough to perfectly fit in our Twist-n-Pull® Mailing and Shipping Tubes and Tri-Hex® Mailing and Shipping Tubes.

  • 6-10 times faster than manual rolling and inserting.
  • Improve workplace ergonomics by eliminating repetitive motion activity.
  • Reduces the need for seasonal workers or temps.
  • Fast, efficient and reliable.
  • Works on any substrate, including vinyl.
  • Can accommodate any size sheet.
  • Prevents wrinkles and creases.
  • 1-inch to 3-inch diameter shaft sizes.
  • Intuitive, simple, user-friendly controls.
  • Tabletop and freestanding options.

Start improving your productivity now!

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Watch the Machine in Action

Check out the videos below for examples of how our Poster Roll Up Machine will increase your productivity and reduce cost.

Poster Roll Up Machine Production Rate: 480 cycles per hour

Erdie Poster Roll Up Machine


What Our Customers Say About the Poster Roll Up Machine

“I want to personally thank you and your company for standing behind your product. Your customer service and diligence in helping us through everything is truly commendable! It makes us realize that we partnered with the right company for our poster rolling needs.”