Shipping and Mailing Products


Twist-n-Pull® Mailing Tubes

Our Twist-n-Pull® end caps for our mailing tubes and shipping tubes is our answer to the shortcomings of standard plastic end caps. Twist-n-Pull® end caps for shipping tubes are designed to stay locked in place until removed. Easily remove the cap with one easy "twist and pull,” eliminating the need for tape or staples to keep the caps in place. Our Twist-n-Pull® Mailing Tubes come in a variety of sizes, specific to your needs.

Alta™ Board <br>Corrugated Packaging Lumber

Alta™ Board Cardboard Lumber

Alta™ Board is cardboard lumber that provides much higher structural and protective packaging that other products cannot accomplish. Alta™ Board cardboard lumber can be used in a variety of applications to provide structural integrity. Use Alta™ Board for corner posts, crating, racking, dunnage boards, pallets, displays and much more.


Tri-Hex® Paper Pallet Runners

Paper Pallets made with Tri-Hex® Pallet Runners are up to 85% lighter than wood pallets and 100% recyclable, making them more cost effective for your business. Our corrugated pallet runners are for single-use and rated to hold 4,500lbs. Buy our corrugated pallet runners fully assembled, partially assembled, or build them onsite as needed with the Tri-Hex Pallet Machine.


Tri-Hex® Shipping and Mailing Tubes

Tri-Hex® Triangle Mailing & Shipping Tubes are stronger than traditional triangle tubes, saving on shipping costs and keep your products protected. Our triangle mailing and shipping tubes ship flat and store flat, saving you money and space. Tri-Hex® triangle shipping boxes are easy to assemble and no extra pieces or caps needed. Check out our Box Erector Machine for easy and quick assembly for bigger shipping needs.

Packaging & Shipping Machinery


Tri-Hex® Pallet Runner Machine

The Tri-Hex® Green Pallet Runner Machine is easy to use to make your own pallets and dunnage. They save on storage space and have a low cost per runner. Cost effective and 100% recyclable, our pallet runner machines give you the freedom to make pallets only when you need them.


Poster Roll-Up Machine

Roll up posters, banners, wall hangings and more with Erdie’s commercial-grade Poster Roll-Up Machine. Easier and quicker than hand rolling, our poster machine saves time and money on labor costs and is ideal for large production facilities. Choose from three width sizes.


Box Erector Machine

Roll your own Tri-Hex® Mailing and Shipping tubes. Our triangular mailing tubes ship flat to your to save on shipping charges. Now you can quickly assemble large orders using our box erector machine. Roll 6 triangle shipping tubes per minute cutting down on time and production costs.

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Ship Safer with Our Heavy Duty Shipping Tubes

Shipping tubes are a safe and secure way to send and store artwork, posters, blueprints and other important documents. We offers round mailing tubes, heavy duty shipping tubes with a twist and pull end cap and triangular shipping tubes that are conveyor friendly.

We are one of the largest independently owned paper tube and shipping supply companies in the country with solutions for all your businesses shipping needs.

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Tri-Hex Mailing Tubes, 2-1/2" x 18" - 25 Pack
          5 of 5 stars

Your Tri-Hex mailing tube is the ultimate answer for shipping violin (and other instrument) bows. We place the bow (up to 3) in a 32" long 1 1/2" pvc pipe with foam plugs at both ends. One layer of thin bubble wrap around the pipe and it fits perfectly into the hex tube in your box. A wadded up newspaper at both ends, and it's good to go. This box is perfect for UPS and FedEx ground where they won't allow you to use their free boxes, and your box is better anyway. Thanks for the solution.

By: Hosmer Violin May 22,2015
We Help You Reduce Shipping Costs

We work with you to come up with the best solution to your packaging needs, whether it be type of product, optimal dimensions, or cheapest way to ship to you or your customer. We can customize any product for dimensions, color, printing, etc.