Mailing Tubes and Shipping Tubes

Our kraft cardboard mailing tubes are lightweight and durable, with a variety of end caps, including the patented Twist-n-Pull® End Caps. Erdie shipping tubes are great for mailing promotions, posters, calendars, blueprints, marketing materials and more. These versatile shipping tubes are also wonderful as packaging, storage of documents or other lightweight items. Since the mailing tubes are heavy duty, many different items can be shipped like fishing poles, long metal parts, flagpoles, carpets & rugs or other long items. Custom printed outer wrap or inner liners are also available.

Round Mailing Tubes - Twist-n-Pull®

Our Twist-n-Pull® End Caps for our mailing tubes and shipping tubes is our answer to the shortcomings of standard plastic end caps. Twist-n-Pull® mailing tubes end caps are designed to stay locked in place until removed by hand with one easy "twist and pull," eliminating the need for tape or staples to keep the caps in place. Aside from the ease of use, Twist-n-Pull® allows the mailing or shipping tube to be re-used many times over. Visit our Twist-N-Pull® page to learn more about how our round mailing tubes can benefit you.

Triangular Mailing Tubes - Tri-Hex®

If you are looking for a durable, cost-efficient shipping tubes that you can easily store and assemble, Erdie's Tri-Hex® triangle mailing tube is the solution for you. Our innovative design is the answer to many common problems, such as high shipping costs, or the need for unnecessary storage space. We offer our Tri-Hex® design in several sizes, so you can choose the shipping tube that is just right for your project.