Tubes & Cores for Commercial and Industrial Uses

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Locking End Cap For
Mailing and Shipping Tubes
No tape or staples needed
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The Strongest Triangular Mailing
and Shipping Tube and Box
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Cardboard mailing & shipping innovations that reduce costs, streamline operations, protect shipped products, delight customers!

• Unique patented designs
• History & commitment to TRUE industry innovation
• Durable, affordable shipping solutions
• High-speed, turnkey production facility for your custom packaging & fulfillment needs

Mailing Tube Options for Every Product & Packaging Challenge – Delivered!

We offer round mailing tubes, heavy-duty shipping tubes with a twist-and-pull end cap, conveyor-friendly triangular shipping tubes, and our new, remarkably strong shipping tubes that behave like a box – the Alta® Box. No matter what your shipping-packaging requirements, we have a packing tube to make the job easier and more cost-effective.

Give Your Customers the Ultimate in Easy- Opening Convenience with Twist-n-Pull® Mailing Tubes

Our Twist-n-Pull® end caps and mailing tubes/shipping tubes are THE answer to the shortcomings of standard plastic end caps. Twist-n-Pull® end caps stay locked in place until removed with one easy “twist and pull,” eliminating the need for tape or staples or glue. Way less mess and much faster sealing and opening times are yours with Twist–n-Pull.

Make Your Tube Storage a Breeze with Tri-Hex® Mailing and Shipping Tubes

Tri-Hex® Mailing and Shipping Tubes are stronger than traditional triangle tubes — and, they ship flat and store flat, saving you money and space at your facility. Tri-Hex® triangle shipping boxes are easy to assemble, with no extra pieces or caps needed. And they’re conveyor belt-friendly for easier scanning and processing. Watch a short video and discover more benefits with Tri-Hex mailers!

Take Advantage of the Hybrid Strength & Ease of Our NEW Alta® Box for Fragile and Difficult-to-Ship Items

Erdie Industries does it again with our latest innovation for the mailing & shipping industry – the hybrid box and tube combo we call Alta Box and you’ll call amazing. Find-out what the fuss is all about on the new Alta Box page.

Paper Tubes and Cores for Industrial Chores

Erdie Industries makes paper tubes for use as spacers, covers and protectors with a wide range of dimensions. Paper cores are more for industrial uses – such as tape cores or for holding other wound materials including paper, plastic, film, rubber, etc. Learn the many uses and capabilities of our paper & cardboard cores for industrial needs.

Make Insertions Faster and Effortless With Our Poster Roll-Up Machine

Rolling and inserting posters and other documents into your shipping tubes by hand are laborious tasks that invite human error over time. Free your staff to do more productive work, and make your throughput soar, with Erdie’s accurate and efficient Poster Roll-Up Machine. See our poster-rolling machine in action and learn its’ value!

Get a Turnkey Solution for Your Packaging Challenges with Erdie Fulfillment Services

Have a one-time project or ongoing requirement you’re challenged to handle efficiently in-house? We will do the packaging and shipping for you, in our facility – making sure the job is done right every step of the way. Your order is our order! Learn more about experienced fulfillment services from Erdie.

Erdie Helps You to Take the Pain Out of Your Packaging Now

If you’re tired of saving just pennies on your packing tubes and other shipping/packaging items, and want to talk about creative ways to achieve significant savings while improving your operations AND your customers’ satisfaction, please contact us today and let’s have a conversation!