Tubes & Cores for Commercial and Industrial Uses

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Locking End Cap For
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The Strongest Triangular Mailing
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Shipping and Mailing Tubes, Tubes and Cores, Equipment and Services

Erdie Industries, Inc. is an innovative, diversified packaging products manufacturer specializing in mailing tubes, shipping tubes and fulfillment services — and our unique Poster Roll Up Machine brings new efficiencies to your mailroom or shipping operation. Besides offering a wide selection of standard-size tubes in various designs and strengths, we produce custom sizes, plain or printed, in virtually any order quantity.

Our Innovative Shipping Products Reduce Cost, Streamline Operations, Protect Your Items — and Delight Your Customers!

With patented designs and a steady focus on quality, we manufacture shipping supplies and mailing products that not only solve your real-world shipping department and mailroom problems, but also solve problems for your customers, helping you earn new business and keep your existing business secure.

Mailing Tube Options for Every Product and Packaging Challenge

We offer round mailing tubes, heavy-duty shipping tubes with a twist-and-pull end cap, and conveyor-friendly triangular shipping tubes. No matter what your shipping-packaging requirements, we have a packing tube to make the job easier and more cost-effective. Learn more.

Give Your Customers the Ultimate in Convenience with Easy Opening Twist-n-Pull® Mailing Tubes

Our Twist-n-Pull® end caps and mailing tubes/shipping tubes are THE answer to the shortcomings of standard plastic end caps. Twist-n-Pull® end caps stay locked in place until removed with one easy “twist and pull,” eliminating the need for tape or staples. Learn more.

Make Tube Storage a Breeze With Tri-Hex® Mailing and Shipping Tubes

Tri-Hex® Mailing and Shipping Tubes are stronger than traditional triangle tubes — and, they ship flat and store flat, saving you money and space. Tri-Hex® triangle shipping boxes are easy to assemble, with no extra pieces or caps needed. Learn more.

Paper Tubes and Cores

Erdie Industries makes paper tubes for use as spacers, covers and protectors with a wide range of dimensions. Paper cores are more for industrial use such as tape cores or for wrapping other materials including paper, plastic, film, rubber etc. Learn more.

Make Insertion Effortless With Our Poster Roll Up Machine

Rolling and inserting posters and other documents by hand are laborious tasks. Free your staff to do more productive work, and make throughput soar with our unique Poster Roll Up Machine. Learn more.

Get a Turnkey Solution to Your Packaging Challenges With Erdie Fulfillment Services

Have a one-time project or ongoing requirement you’re challenged to handle efficiently in-house? We will do the packaging and shipping for you, in our facility, making sure the job is done right every step of the way. Learn more.

How Our Innovative Shipping Tubes, Mailing Tubes and Packaging Products Improve Your Business

No shipping/packaging products manufacturer puts more emphasis on innovation than we do — innovation in both our packaging products design and our production processes. This combination of state-of-the-art products and streamlined manufacturing brings improvements to your business in several significant ways:

  • Products such as our Twist-n-Pull® mailing tubes make your customers happy by eliminating awkward and sometimes dangerous metal or plastic end caps — an amazingly simple product that will help you retain customers for the long term.
  • More unique packaging products: The Tri-Hex® Mailing and Shipping Tubes, with their unique, high-strength triangular design, protect heavy and fragile products, eliminate storage and handling headaches, and are conveyor-friendly for most major parcel carriers.
  • Our ability and desire to work with you on special designs gives you an opportunity to finally solve nagging packaging line and mailroom issues that saddle you with inefficient throughput and high product damage/return rates.

Take the Pain Out of Your Packaging Now

If you are tired of saving pennies on your packing tubes and other shipping/packaging items, and want to talk about creative ways to achieve significant savings and improve your operation and improve your customers’ satisfaction, please contact us today!

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