Mailing & Shipping Tubes and Cardboard Packaging Solutions from Erdie

Patented Shipping Designs That Solve Your Packaging Problems with Smart Innovations

Our unique and innovative cardboard mailing & shipping tubes and cardboard packaging systems will outperform any tube and closure-style mailer you’ve tried. It’s a bold statement, yes, but one that Erdie makes with confidence! With more than 30 years in the tube manufacturing business, we’ve grappled with the toughest shipping challenges in the world, and combined creativity with methodical testing to create truly superior mailing products that make Mailing & Shipping simpler, faster, cleaner and less expensive. That’s the Erdie Innovation Promise!

Announcing the astounding Alta® Box hybrid packaging system that delivers brawn AND brain in another innovative Erdie design!

• Our new, patent-pending Alta Box combines box folds & tube shape with solid-fiber container for strong shipping of cylindrical or hard-to-ship items
• 100% recyclable container for greener shipping footprint
• Available in a variety of sizes with custom branding options
• Meets and exceeds ISTA standards

Durable Packaging for Difficult Items

Easy Sealing, Easy Opening

Variety of Sizes for Shipping Needs

Fast, secure, easy mailing & shipping tube operations with ingenious Twist-n-Pull® innovation from Erdie!

• Plug-and-twist end caps seal mailing tubes in seconds for speedy processing
• No glue, tape or staples needed – reduce materials-use & mess, increase safety
• Recipients enjoy easy-open convenience for a better buying experience
• Tubes come in varying thicknesses & colors and can be custom-printed and branded

Twist-N-Pull Shipping Tubes

Faster Packaging

Shipping Tubes

Safe and No-mess

Customized for Brands

Save space, reduce costs, protect products by the power of patented, 3-sided Tri-Hex® mailing & shipping innovation from Erdie!

• Tri-Hex mailers ship & store flat at your facility for space-saving economy
• Conveyor-friendly flat panels scan easily & won’t roll – avoid parcel upcharges
• Superior side strength for shipping heavy, fragile or high-value items
• Four-color & white overwrap print capabilities for custom branding on Tri-Hex

Tri-Hex Mailing Tubes

No Caps, Less Waste

Flat Shipping & Storage

Superior Mailing Strength

Large-diameter mailing & shipping tubes from Erdie make small work out of big shipping scenarios!

• Custom orders are our specialty – tube sizes & quantities are set by you
• Safeguard your deliveries with high impact-resistance & stacking strength
• Custom branding options include white outer wrap or color printing on tubes
• Erdie fulfillment services for your tube packaging & delivery saves you vast amounts of time & labor

Paper Tubes and Cores

Variable Lengths & Widths Available

Tubes & Cores Bundle

Excellent Impact Resistance

Concrete Molds

Custom Printing for Brand Recognition

Poster Shipping Tubes are the Best Way to Package and Mail Posters

The smart way to ship a poster is in a rugged, durable poster mailing tube. Our cardboard poster tubes are engineered for toughness to withstand the demands of mailing posters domestically or internationally.

The benefits of a well-designed poster tube are hard to ignore:

Twist-n-Pull Mailing Tubes for sending Posters• Package & ship posters and signs with confidence in their safe arrival
• No need for packing tape thanks to our lock-in-place end caps
• Avoid bending or ripping posters when shipping
• Mail posters, artwork, and printed signage nationally and internationally

Whether you’re an avid collector, an advertising professional, or an artist shipping your work to a buyer or gallery, our reliable poster mailing tubes will get your posters where they need to go, every time!

Click to learn more about our Tri-Hex® Triangle Poster Mailing Tubes, our most popular solution for shipping posters by mail.

Common Poster Mailing Mistakes

Avoid these common mistakes when shipping a poster or printed artwork:

1. Mailing a rolled-up poster in a padded envelope
2. Using a poster mailing tube that is too big, causing the poster to slide around in the tube during shipping
3. Shipping a poster in a thin poster tube that won’t withstand crushing or bending during transit
4. Wrapping a rubber band around a poster inside the mailing container
5. Forcing a poster into a mailing tube that is too small, which makes it difficult for the recipient to remove the poster

Key Benefits of Our Patented, Innovative Packaging & Shipping Tubes

Our packaging tubes are manufactured with Kraft cardboard in the full range of wall thicknesses. The cornerstones of our cardboard tube manufacturing lineup – the Twist-n-Pull® and the Tri-Hex® Mailing and Shipping Tubes – were not created out of thin air. Instead, we designed them by LISTENING to our customers and DELIVERING real solutions. Our mailing & shipping tubes will:

• Reduce damage & returns
• Speed up your production
• Eliminate your production entirely if you take advantage of our fulfillment services
• Make it easier for your customers to enjoy their package-opening experience
• Reduce inbound and outbound shipping expense with parcel & truckload shippers
• Streamline storage and handling at your facilities

Erdie Cardboard Mailing & Shipping Tubes and Packaging – Strength, Innovation AND Printing

Is branding or product identification a priority? Custom-printed outer wraps and inner liners are readily available. With our custom printing, you can turn your plain mailing tubes and shipping tubes into cardboard tube packaging that expand awareness of your brand, add a touch of sophistication to your brand or product, help customers identify your products for more efficient receiving — or do all three! Set yourself apart from your competition — with our highly efficient, turnkey manufacturing processes, we can supply you with printed shipping and mailing tubes and specialty packaging solutions at a competitive cost.

We Welcome Custom Orders for Your Mailing and Shipping Tubes

Don’t see exactly what you need? Please contact us!

We are always looking for new design challenges and new ways to help you save money, speed up your packaging operation, eliminate damage – all while making your customers more satisfied.